Create a Blog – Step-by-Step Guide

Want to start a blog? Afraid that it might be too technical or too complex for you to follow? Starting a blog on your own is not that complex as you imagine. Though there are a lot of steps involved, these are pretty much straightforward and as long as you follow them, you can have your blog up and running in very less time, with minimal technical know-how.

This guide on “how to start a blog” has been designed in an easy to read, step by step process to help you set up a blog of your own. Each step of the process is clearly identified and you can easily implement it, even if you don’t have any technical background. We’ve laid out an effective blogging roadmap for you to follow. Ready to see your blog take off? Let’s begin

If you are stuck or need any help in setting up your blog, we will be happy to assist you for free. Just contact us. Blogging is our passion and we love to help people build their own blogs. So don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Happy Blogging !!!

STEP 1 – Decide a perfect niche for your blog

The first step is to decide what you want to blog about. Coming up with a right blogging concept is not only the most important decision that you will make, but quite a hard one as well. You can’t just pick any topic that catches your fancy or that you know nothing about.

The key is to go through a process that helps you make an informed decision about your perfect blogging niche. Here’s one such process... Continue

Step 2 – Decide a blogging platform

Choosing the right blogging platform plays a very crucial role in the success of your blog. A blogging platform is essentially a framework that allows you to manage the content, structure, design and navigation of your blog.

Based on our years of experience building all kinds of blogs – big and small, business and personal, we highly recommend that you create your blog on a self-hosted wordpress platform. Don’t worry, it this sounds too technical at the moment. You will understand these terms as you read through.

Also know why starting a free blog is not the best option in the long run... Continue

STEP 3 – Pick a domain name

Domain is the address of your blog on the web. It is what anybody will type in the internet browser to reach your blog. It is not wrong to say, that domain is the name by which you will be known online and is thus your identity.

It should be unique, meaningful and indicative of the content of your blog. Undoubtedly, it needs to be given some careful thought. Here are some tips that you may use for choosing the perfect domain name for your blog... Continue

STEP 4 – Choose a Web Host

A web host provides you with storage space on a server to store files of your blog and allow any online visitors access to them. It is important that you host your blog with a reliable and reputable company from the start.

In our several years of experience building blogs and websites, we have had the opportunity to work with a number of web hosting companies. We prefer Bluehost, they simply are the best Wordpress hosting company around. We really have had no problems hosting our websites with them in all these years and recommend Bluehost hosting to anyone who is looking to start a blog or a website.

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STEP 5 – Set up your blog

Now is the time to get a domain name, a web hosting account and set up your blog. We will show you how to do this step-by-step. Just follow along this tutorial and you should have a fully functional blog set up in no time.

You will need:

  1. A credit or debit card (to pay for web hosting)
  2. A domain name
  3. Around 20 minutes of your time


STEP 6 – Manage your blog

After you’ve set up your blog and installed Wordpress, it’s time to configure & design your blog and create your first post or page. The ability to manage all that you see or interact with on your blog is provided by Wordpress dashboard. Learn how to use Wordpress dashboard to manage everything within your blog.

Let’s get going with the following tasks:

  1. Configure the basic settings of your blog
  2. Create a blog post
  3. Create a page on your blog
  4. Design your blog layout by adding theme
  5. Add plugins for extended functionality


STEP 7 – Promote your blog

Promote your blog

STEP 8 – Make Money from your blog

Make money from your blog